Technical Diving

This section, Technical Diving, is an all inclusive section. This could be anything from Nitrox Diving to Full Cave Diving. There are many specialists in Cozumel. Chances are, you will be able to connect with someone, either by way of a Dive Shop or a Private Instructor or Specialist that can assist you in doing your diving your way with safety in mind.
The following list is a great place to get started. Feel free to contact one of the following specialists and get the info you need to know to plan your next diving adventure.

   Blue Magic SCUBA School
   Get certified to dive with NITROX
   This course will teach you how to safely and effectively
   dive with Oxygen Enriched Air between 22% and 40% for extended bottom times.

   Cozumel Sports NITROX lessons
   PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and Full Cave Diver with NACD.
   With experience diving in Mexico, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, USA and Belize.

   Mike Beasley NITROX Instruction
   Whatever type of diving you are interested in,
   We Can Handle it!

   Get certified in Enriched Air Diving with Scuba Du
     ·EaN Enriched Air - Nitrox Certification
     ·Deep Diver Specialty

   Cenote Diving with Studio Blue
   Cave Diving and Cavern Diving
   See the Hidden World Underneath your Feet